Thursday, June 21, 2012

The unnecessary Amendments

The Amendments passed by  Kenyan Parliament August House on the new constitution is totally retrogressive and unconstitutional. Kenyans Passed the new constitution with hope of introducing sanity in political landscape in Kenya, but our MPs think otherwise "offer themselves safe landing" . Even the MPs and presidential candidates  riding their campaigns on political reform are all numb about the amendments. Watering down the electoral laws which was passed resolutely by Kenyans is like chaining our sovereignty. 


Courtesy By Daily Nation
Not one or two but six lions meets their dead end in kitengela after the laxity by Kenya Wildlife Service Wardens to nab the marauding lions from the village. The lions attacked livestock which are the only blood line for the villagers. This infuriated the Morans which turned the heat on lions killing all the six lions. Kenya Wildlife Service reported that four other lions are on loose since they are missing in park.