Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tri-Semester in Public Universities

Reducing the waiting period for students to joint public universities and increasing admissions to accommodate tri-semester might be best effort done by government but it is totally different and chaotic for the academic staff (lecturers). These are questions ought to be answered by relevant authorities. Did they consider the workload of lecturers? How will they compensate them for their time?  In case of promotions, they are required to make publications to be promoted, so how will they publish work yet the required to work for all year? Even though public universities face stiff competition  from private universities in admitting students,they should have allowed only tri-semester in public universities with the condition that there is availability of work force or employ more academic personnel to accommodate the numbers and the interests of the student . If this is not done now,  tri-semester will bound to fail in near future.

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